SankeyEditor 2011

A practical tool for professional Material Flow Management

A Sankey diagram is the graphic representation of the flow of energy, materials or money through a system (amount per unit of time). Generally the flows are represented as arrows, whereas the width of the arrow is proportional to the size of the represented flow. They are better than numbers or descriptions at showing which flows provide value and which represent waste and emissions.


We use Sankey diagrams to analyze the material and energy consumption in the company and apply these analyses to represent material and energy balances. Sankey diagrams have proven themselves to be helpful instruments for generating energy and material weak-point analyses, and they serve to clarify reports and presentations.


Darstellung der Ist-Situation des Wassereinsatzes in einem metallverarbeitenden Betrieb

Sankey diagram of the water flows of an electro-plating factory before optimization

Darstellung des idealen Wassereinsatzes ohne Verluste durch verbesserte Spültechnik durch Kaskaden

Sankey diagram of the water flows of an electro-plating factory after optimization


These are some elements of the SankeyEditor, which facilitates the generation of diagrams and helps to create impressive presentations quickly:

  • SankeyEditor can also give feedback!
  • The input and output are compatible with MS Excel!
  • You choose the colors and images you like best!
  • You can group and rearrange items to optimize the layout!
  • Different layers and filters can be defined as you like, in order to clarify the complex processes!
  • Time-dependent flows can be represented through the animation function. Then you can create self-operating videos, which work well in MS Powerpoint presentations!

In addition, the new improved version can:

  • Generate node balances
  • Calculate values for flows from other current values from freely defined functions
  • Allow nodes to disperse into subprocesses, which can be itemized according to your needs or made aggregate visible

University licenses and network installations for SankeyEditor are available at request!