EcoProfit® Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Protection

The important elements of ECOPROFIT® are joint workshops on Cleaner Production for participating companies where companies can exchange information and share experiences. Companies also receive advice and support from consultants on the identification and implementation of new measures. We have many years of experience since the ECOPROFIT® model 1991 was developed as a cooperation between the city of Graz and the STENUM team at the Institute of Process Technology (Institut für Verfahrenstechnik). Up to the present time, 150 companies in the city of Graz have received awards for the project ECOPROFIT®. The model has undergone continuous development and has been adapted to changing conditions and circumstances. The ECOPROFIT® model started in Graz and has been adopted by towns and municipalities all over Austria and abroad.


  • Workshops on Cleaner Production
  • Advice and support from consultants on the better use of resources
  • Preparation for the ECOPROFIT award
  • Supervising and monitoring measures implemented

Practical Examples



contact person

Dr. Johannes Fresner, CMC

Tel.Nr.: 0043/316/36 71 56