EcoProfit is an asset for both the environment and individual companies

Neckermann Versand Österreich AG

Neckermann is a mail order company for clothing and fashion, technology, household goods and appliances and travel. The company’s focus is on customer satisfaction, its aim is to meet customer requirements and its goal it to continually improve customer service.

Measures implemented and savings made

In 15 years of working with ECOPROFIT®, the company has seen many improvements, and significant savings have been made since 1995.

  • 580 t less packaging material
  • 440 t less cardboard (internal recycling)
  • Dispensing with the use of 88 t of clothes hangers
  • Reduction of district heating consumption by 1,806 MWh, reduction of electricity consumption by 714 MWh
  • Optimisation of transport logistics; cuts in freight mileage amounting to 931,730 kilometres
  • Cost savings of 2 million Euros