EcoProfit is an asset for both the environment and individual companies


The ANDRITZ GROUP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of purpose-built and customised equipment and installations, process technology and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metal industry and a number of other industries. Graz is home the group’s head office and has been a ECOPROFIT® company since 1994.

Measures implemented and savings made

  • Installation of a new gas-fired annealing furnace instead of an electric annealing furnace: energy savings of 85,000 kWh per year; costs could be reduced by 7,650 Euros per year
  • Demand-oriented compressor control: a reduction of energy consumption by 97,000 kWh per year; costs could be reduced by 8,700 Euros per year and the CO2 emissions could be reduced by 19 t per year
  • Creation of a traffic concept and the realisation of a west exit on the plant’s site: reduction of the CO2 emissions by 15 t per year and a reduction of the kilometres driven
  • A cross-plant 3-day HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) course: 669 participants looked at topics related to health issues, safety in the workplace, fire-safety issues and waste separation