Environmental Management Systems

Environmental management systems systematise, manage and monitor business activities. Structures are created, objectives and measures are identified and implemented, and performance checks are carried out. Significant advantages are gained from the introduction and subsequent certification of an environmental management system, such as the identification of savings potential, greater legal certainty, an enhanced image, an increased transparency of environmentally relevant procedures and costs, and increased motivation among employees. Working together with you we will design a viable environmental management system for your company and will help and support you as and when required in the fields of environmental management documentation, conducting environmental audits, planning measures and conducting internal audits.


  • Designing environmental management systems acc. to ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • Energy management systems according to ISO 50001
  • Gap analysis to identify the need for action
  • Conducting environmental audits
  • Generation of a programme of measures
  • Preparation of management documentation and creation of a management system manual
  • Generation of communication concepts
  • Introduction of an environmental control system
  • In-house training courses
  • Internal auditing and auditor training
  • Preparation and support during the certification and/or validation procedure
  • Iintegrated management systems


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