Energy management

Using an energy management system, energy flows are recorded, weak spots and sources of losses are identified and measures to increase energy efficiency are devised and implemented. Due to regular analysis of the energy consumption, any deviations quickly become apparent enabling the timely introduction of counter-measures. Successful energy management goes hand-in-hand with the introduction of new low-loss technologies, the optimisation of processes and procedures and energy recovery. We view complex problems and tasks as a challenge. We would be pleased to help and support you with the energy analysis, with the generation of energy flow charts and in the development of detailed concepts to increase energy efficiency and will help you to implement these measures.


  • Energy audit: Analysis and evaluation of the current situation
  • Energy audits according to ISO 16247-1, ISO 16247-2, ISO 16247-3, ISO 16247-4
  • Measuring plans
  • Thermographic analysis of buildings and equipment
  • Generation of energy flow charts with Sankey Editor
  • Pinch Analysis to identify the heat recovery potential
  • Energy indicator system and benchmarking
  • Suggestions on energy optimisation and the generation of a concept of measures
  • Introduction of an energy monitoring and controlling system
  • Energy management acc. to ISO 50001
  • Energy audit according to the Austrian Energy Efficiency Law (EEffG), documentation of measures
  • Energy indicator system and benchmarking
  • Energy Performance Certificate for buildings with certified software
  • Implementation of research projects

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