ACE Apparatus construction & engineering GmbH

ACE Apparatebau construction & engineering GmbH (formerly Thalhammer KG) is a member of the Christof Holding AG (Christof Group) and has been developing worldwide recognised special solutions for industrial apparatus construction for decades. Apparatus with pressures of up to 750 bar, weights of up to 300 tons and diameters of up to 5.4 m can be produced in the Lieboch plant.

Measures implemented and savings made:

  • Insulation of the annealing furnace: 21,000 Nm³ per year
  • Conversion of the heating system: 30,000 Nm³ per year
  • Compressed air system optimisation: 36,000 kWh per year
  • In the planning stage: the energetic renovation of a production hall: 17,600 Nm³ per year
  • Savings

All in all, the costs of electricity could be reduced by approx. 3,600 Euros per year and the costs of natural gas by approx. 20,580 Euros per year.