TRIZ – The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

The TRIZ method provides a range of sometimes combined methods and/or tools which help to find solutions to technical problems. The general approach commences with the systematic analysis of the specific problem or of the system which is to be improved. This first step makes it possible to focus on and abstractise the problem and often leads to finding inventive solutions. Depending on the situation, suitable TRIZ tools are chosen that are then applied in the subsequent procedure. Using these tools, possible solutions are offered which in the past have often led to inventive solutions.

The TRIZ method comprises:

The implementation of a systematic approach to problem analysis
The development of ideal solutions at the beginning of the problem-solving phase to trigger the solution procedure
The recognition and solution of contradictions which impede the development of a system
The application of the 40 solution principles


STENUM is a member of the International TRIZ Association. We hold certified TRIZ seminars.