Cleaner Production

Since 1992 we have been working intensively on preventive environmental protection at national and international level. Our main focus is on the efficient use of resources, the reduction of emissions, the optimisation of processes and procedures and the reduction of environment-related costs and expenses. We will work closely together with you on the continuous implementation of preventative environmental protection strategies applied to processes and procedures and products and services, will develop tailored solutions to increase the efficient use of resources and energy and help you to implement these measures.


  • Monitoring of the consumption of resources and energy of existing processes
  • Presentation of material flows using Sankey diagrams
  • Generation of an indicator system and benchmarking
  • Optimisation of processes, methods and procedures
  • Supervising and monitoring of implementation of measures
  • Seminars on Cleaner Production, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy
  • Seminars for international clients (UNIDO, UNEP, ...)
  • Benchmarking and identification of options for improvement of resource efficiency for industrial companies, hotels, hospitals
  • National and international research projects in resource efficient and cleaner production
  • TRIZ – The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (also known as TIPS)

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contact person

Dr. Johannes Fresner, CMC

Tel.Nr.: 0043/316/36 71 56