PRE-SME - Promoting Resource Efficiency

The project "Promoting Resource Efficiency in SMEs" (PRE-SME) is an effort to support the results of the National Cleaner Production Centers (NCPCs) in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The overarching goal of the PRE-SME project is to enhance the capacities of developing countries to assist SMEs develop and implement cleaner, safer and resource efficient production programmes that will result in reduced manufacturing costs, lower pollution and improved health and safety performance.

Attending to the project the PRE-SME electronic toolkit and the training handbook, that were funded by the Norvegian Parlament and UNIDO, were developed. Together with partners from the Philippines, STENUM was mandated to develop the toolkit.

Half is Enough - An Introduction to Cleaner Production

"Half is enough" is a book that provides a very neat and clear introduction to Cleaner Production. Cleaner Production is a precautionary and company-specific approach with the aim of minimizing emissions, waste, water and energy consumption.

The applied strategies comprise:good housekeeping measures, exchange of resources, improvement of technologies, recycling, etc. and guarantee a reduction in waste, emissions, and economic costs.
"Half is enough" explains the principles of Cleaner Production and demonstrates in what way these measures are applied and implemented in companies. Also, it serves as an exercise book and comprises a number of documents.


Yacooub, A. & Fresner, J., Beirut/Graz, LCPC Press, Englisch, 204 Seiten, 21 Abbildungen, 34 Tabellen, ISBN-3-9501636-2-X

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